Vigilante calling himself 'Batman' claims to have apprehended double murder suspect 5 months ago

Vigilante calling himself 'Batman' claims to have apprehended double murder suspect

The 'Stockton Batman' claims he has caught hundreds of criminals over the years

A man in California who calls himself 'Bruce Wayne' and the 'Stockton Batman' claims he has apprehended a double murder suspect.

The man, who has never revealed his true identity but is from the town of Stockton, was apparently in Lodi, California, when he spotted a local man he recognised who was covered in blood and had slice wounds on his hands and legs.

He claims he then found two victims near train tracks nearby, so detained the suspect while he waited for local police to arrive.

A video on YouTube - which appears to be filmed by the vigilante - shows the suspect being arrested.

The suspect is currently in hospital, but police have not confirmed if he is being detained over the deaths.

"Police are not commenting on the man's claims. They haven't even let us know or confirmed how many people died. The man who calls himself Stockton's batman claims in a social media post the two victims were stabbed," a reporter for CBS Sacramento said.

The channel later said that a suspect had been taken into custody and that the arrest had been made "in part to the man who calls himself Stockton Batman".


The 'Stockton Batman' has never revealed his face or real name to the world, and uses social media to spread the claims of his many arrests.

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In 2018, he did an interview with CBS, after he detained a man he claimed had been smoking crystal meth.

He said: "I grew up in Stockton and things weren't always this bad when I was a child. I am the real Batman."

The man in question wasn't arrested or even cited.