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26th Nov 2023

Viewers are losing their minds at ‘the most brutal moment in TV history’

Nina McLaughlin

Squid Game: The Challenge has left viewers totally stunned

When the original Squid Game came out a few years back, viewers went mad for it.

However, during the show’s reality spinoff, Squid Game: The Challenge, viewers were once again left baffled after a brutal moment left them reeling.

In the show, contestants compete against one another in a range of games to try and win the $4.56 million cash prize.

However, as simple as that sounds, there is always a twist.

In one recent episode, this twist was so savage that viewers couldn’t control their reactions.

Player 229 was given the chance to randomly eliminate 3 other contestants.

She chose first of all Player 130, who had just managed to earn an advantage in the next game.

“Player 130 won an advantage just to get eliminated. Player 229 is savage,” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, after the elimination.

But it got worse – 229 then picked the fan favourites 243 and 232 to be eliminated.

The pair had developed a close bond during their time on the show, becoming part of what they called the Gganbu Gang.

Viewers were totally devastated to see this dynamic duo go.

“Player 229 is a brutal,” one person said, adding: “I never thought she would do that.”

While another said: “Unforgivable. I wish her the worst.”

A third penned: “This s**t had me so sad. I was rooting so hard for them.”