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11th Apr 2015

Video: World Cup stars munch ultra-spicy chilies in ice bucket-style challenge

Bet they wish the Ice Bucket Challenge was still on...

Ben Kenyon

Once upon a time people of the Internet tipped ice over their head.

Well, now it seems denizens of the World Wide Web are tipping super hot chilies down their necks.

Leading this spasm of madness dubbed the ‘Pupi Challenge’ are World Cup stars Javier Zanetti and¬†Gianluigi Buffon.

Former Inter Milan captain Zanetti nails a super-hot chili and yelps in horror before Juventus keeper Buffon has a dig.

All you have to do is film yourself eating one and then donate some pennies to¬†Zanetti’s PUPI Foundation.

Them’s the rules.

wtf animated GIF

Even thinking about downing hot chilies makes us want to go pupi in our panties.

We imagine it will be flooding onto a social media channel near you very soon. Bring bag that ice bucket thing.

(H/T: Mirror Online)


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