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08th Apr 2015

Video: Dramatic police chase ends in capture for bungling cash point robbers

Crime never pays...


Four men have found themselves in jail after a botched angle-grinder attack on a cash machine ended in a 150mph car chase with West Midlands police.

Dean Beech, Mark Kirk, Pedro Taylor and Jason Hadley hacked into the ATM at Waitrose in Kenilworth with the circular saw, crowbars and a hydraulic cutter.

The bungling robbers spent almost 10 minutes trying to get into the ATM’S cash vault – causing an estimated £20,000 worth of damage before fleeing empty-handed and frustrated in a stolen Audi RS7.

Police picked up the gang shortly after and gave chase. When they attempted to speed away from the pursuing cops, a helicopter joined the chase before they were caught.

West Midlands police have release this footage of the dramatic pursuit.