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26th Mar 2015

Video: Army destroy WW2 unexploded bomb in Kent

Digging under London can be a risky business...


An unexploded WW2-era bomb dropped during the Blitz shut down a huge part of central London earlier this week as Army bomb disposal experts worked to remove it from a building site in Bermondsey.

Well. It’s not unexploded anymore.

Senior Ammunition Technician John Lester said the 550lb WWII German bomb was a “a live munition in a dangerous condition” which had to be taken far from the city before it could be safely destroyed.

It was safely removed by a troop from 11 EOD Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps and taken to Cliffe in north Kent, where it was destroyed.

Local media report that the blast could be heard 10 miles (16km) away from the site.

Imagine the mess this would’ve made of Tower Bridge…

Video: Kent Online