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23rd Apr 2018

Using your phone in the passenger seat can see you fined £200

Not a lot of people know about this law

Wayne Farry

Most people will not be aware that they can be fined for this.

We’re all conscious of the fact that we shouldn’t use our phones while driving. It’s dangerous, causes serious accidents, is simply a very selfish and stupid thing to do and also makes you look like a very bad person.

What many people won’t be conscious of though is the fact that you can actually be fined for using your mobile phone while sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

People can be fined as much as £200 and receive six penalty points if they are spotted using their phone while sitting in the passenger seat next to a learner driver, due to the fact that their role as instructor leaves them open to the laws which usually apply only to drivers.

The law, which prohibits instructors from touching their phones at all times during lessons, applies to professional instructors as well as family members or friends helping someone out with a lesson.

While some might consider this an inconvenience, it is worth remembering that if you’re instructing someone on what to do while driving, you’re also instructing them on what not to do.

And you should most definitely not use your phone.