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19th Mar 2024

Urgent warning issued as popular air fryer brand recalled over fire risk

Nina McLaughlin

Nearly 300,000 units are being recalled

An urgent warning has been issued to air fryer owners as a popular brand has recalled nearly 300,000 units due to a risk of fire or burning.

Six different models produced by Insignia in China have been recalled, including two air fryer ovens, one dual basket model and three regular air fryers.

All of the models run the risk of overheating and can lead to the melting of the handles and therefore poses the risk of fire or burns.

Officials added that if you own the air fryer ovens, there is an added risk of the glass doors shattering.

Out of the units being recalled, 187,400 are reported to be located in the US and 99,900 in Canada, per Mail Online.

If you think you own one of the Insignia models affected by the recall, you should stop using it immediately and visit this link for the next steps. You will be able to claim a full refund.

The vast majority of the affected models come from the popular North American chain Best Buy, which has had 24 reports of overheating and glass shattering.

They were also available from eBay and other third party sellers in the period between November 2021 to November 2023. The affected models’ price points were between  $32 and $180.

To check if your air fryer is affected, see if it is made by Insignia and then check the product rating label on the bottom, which will feature the model number.

The full list of affected model numbers is as follows:







Image source: I am R/Flickr