Understanding Jeff Bezos' ludicrous level of wealth 1 year ago

Understanding Jeff Bezos' ludicrous level of wealth

Jeff Bezos made £10 billion in a single day this month. £10 billion

The Amazon big man started out selling books from his garage in Seattle. Let’s take one book, The Art of the Deal written by fellow billionaire Donald Trump, although he’s more famous for something else now.


And let’s say this copy of The Art of the Deal is worth £1 million. Dream on Donald.

But if it was, each of the books 372 pages would be worth just over two and a half grand.

10,000 copies of the art of the deal, and you’ve got £10 billion.


If you wanted to build a library, presumably with armed guards, for your 10,000 copies, you’d need about 2,400 square feet of space, with ten shelves lined on every wall.

I don’t think anyone needs that many books, or indeed that much money.

At what point does wealth become wealth for wealth’s sake. Should we, as a society, even allow billionaires to exist?