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23rd Jun 2022

Ukrainian sniper goes viral for fighting Russian invaders while dressed as predator

Kieran Galpin

Casper speaks wise words and the internet is obsessed

A Ukrainian sniper dressed up as the alien antagonists in the Predator series has gained legions of fans after he shared a rather poetic speech.

Sat against what appear to be sandbags, a Ukrainian soldier known only as “Casper” fiddles with a can of energy drink before the cameraman asks him to “say something.” The soldier can be seen adorned in a typical ghillie suit, though with a Predator mask instead of standard military equipment.

“My heart is broken like a glass and there’s no sense in living further,” Casper replied. “I invited you to a dance and you said $2,000 per hour.”

The clip, entitled “Ukrainian sniper & his true thoughts”, is only 20-seconds long but has already been viewed 33k times since it was posted on Tuesday. “Stand with Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!” reads the caption.

The video has made a splash on YouTube, with one person commenting: “Shit, they have the predator on their side. If you see a telltale glint it’s his cloaking device!”

“Casper, I’m sorry you weren’t able to dance, but your ghillie suit is magnificent. Slava Ukraini!!!” another wrote.

Social media has played a huge part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Though misinformation is still widespread, apps like TikTok and Telegram have been key resources in providing information to the world straight from the people on the ground.

From the White House briefing TikTok stars on the war to Russia using content creators to spread lies, the role of social media is undeniable.

Earlier this year, the legendary Ghost of Kyiv was revealed to be just that, a legend. Sources claimed the mysterious pilot had racked up confirmed kills of over 40 people, and images of the jet were widespread across the internet.

Posting to their Facebook page, the Ukraine Air Force Command confirmed that: “Ghost of Kiev is a superhero-legend whose character was created by Ukrainians!”

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