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11th Jul 2018

UK weather warning issued with hurricane expected to hit Britain tomorrow

The day after Croatia are hit by Harry Kane, our own shores will be rocked... by a hurricane. Sorry.

Kyle Picknell

Hurricane Chris is, er, coming home?

Hurricane Chris, the very, very not-scary sounding hurricane currently running along the east coast of America is set to hit British shores as early as tomorrow.

What does that mean for us during our post-football celebrations comedown?

Well, the heatwave will be over, and replacing it will be lots of wind and rain! Hooray!

The Met Office have also listed a yellow warning for Friday with a heavy thunderstorm expected.

Yellow means severe by the way, not like, just sort of fine, as you would think.

They are predicting disruption to local power services and potentially teacherous road conditions as winds of up to 105mph will sweep across the Atlantic in typically dramatic weather report fashion.

My advice to you all is this: don’t bother going anywhere. I guess work, if you really, really have to, but otherwise just stay in. Put your feet up. Think about Sunday, think about it coming home.

In the meantime, here’s a GIF demonstrating how air temperature changes during a hurricane, just to get you fucking pumped for the game later. COME ON THEN BOYS LET’S HAVE IT.

I don’t know about you but to be completely honest I’ve kind of missed the rain. Kind of missed being able to sleep with a duvet actually covering more than 5% of my body and kind of forgotten what it felt like to get absolutely drenched and duck into a Pret for cover and then get kicked out of the Pret for refusing to buy a panini for £18.

I kind of miss that feeling. I kind of want it back. Welcome, Hurricane Chris. We’ve been waiting for you. We’re ready.