UK-born actor Ace Ruele faces deportation to Jamaica 1 month ago

UK-born actor Ace Ruele faces deportation to Jamaica

The actor has only visited Jamaica twice and has three children in Britain.

Actor Ace Ruele Aristotles, who has appeared in Eastenders, The Legend of Tarzan and New Blood, is facing deportation to Jamaica and potentially having his family torn apart.


This is despite the fact that he was born in London and has only ever visited Jamaica twice.

The Independent reports that the 33-year-old was born in London to his Jamaican mother, who did not have British citizenship at the time, and was then given indefinite leave to remain. The actor says that he then fell in to the wrong crowd during his teenage years, and in 2008 was jailed for three years.

When he was released he spent five months in an immigration detention centre and successfully challenged deportation then. Five years ago, his status was changed to limited leave to remain, and his battle to stay in the UK began.

He told the Independent: "I feel like I am being punished twice for a mistake I made years ago.