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11th Jul 2024

Two nearly identical men with the same name take DNA test to figure out if they are long lost siblings

Zoe Hodges

Wow what a coincidence

Two almost identical men with the same name have taken a DNA test to see if they are long lost siblings.

Scientists estimate that every person has approximately six doppelgangers around the world meaning there are six other people who look like you but it is extremely unlikely that you will ever meet them.

Long Island Ducks pitcher, Brady Feigl looks almost identical to Brady Feigl, a pitcher for the Las Vegas Aviators.

Both men have red hair and beards, they’re 6’4” and wear thick glasses which left them questioning whether they were in fact related.

Their suspicions were further raised when one Feigl was contacted by his surgery to ask when he was coming in for an operation he’d had six months prior.

The man recalls: “I was probably six or seven months out of surgery and their office called our trainer and said, ‘Hey, when’s Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?’

“He was like, ‘He had it six months ago. What are you talking about?’ That’s how I found out there were two of us.”

Furthermore, neither man had ever met anyone outside of their families with their second name and after other people pointed out their similarities, they decided to do a DNA test.

Though the DNA test showed that the Fiegl’s had identical Germanic ancestry levels, each registering 53% Germanic in origin, surprisingly the test showed they weren’t directly related.

Despite not being brothers, the baseball players said they were glad to have met each other and that they were still brothers ‘in a way’.

The pair have continued to cause confusion amongst baseball fans though. On one occasion someone wished Fiegl a happy birthday but tagged the wrong one on twitter.

In response, he pointed the fan in the right direction of the other Fiegl.

They certainly share a very unique bond.