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13th Aug 2022

Two more people bitten by dolphin in string of attacks

Kieran Galpin

Koshino Beach

There have been six attacks already

Two more people have been attacked in the sea in Japan in what officials believe to be the work of a solitary dolphin with one hell of a grudge.

According to local media, a man was hospitalised on Thursday after being attacked by a dolphin at Koshino Beach, Fukui. The man, who is said to be in his 40s, was bitten on both of his arms.

A second attack on Thursday saw a man in his 40s sustain injuries to the fingers on his left hand, bringing the total number of attacks to six. The species is not currently known, but the most common in the area include bottlenose, striped, spotted, and Risso’s dolphin.

Koshino Beach

Despite the fact that dolphins are not usually aggressive towards humans, authorities believe it to be the work of one dolphin and have warned beachgoers about the potential risk. To combat the issue, they have also installed ultrasonic transmitters to deter the mammal from the beach.

Locals say that the dolphin population has become accustomed to interacting with humans, coming to knee-deep water regularly.

Via UnSplash

British researchers believe swimming close to bottlenose dolphins and trying to touch them can be highly stressful and can cause mental issues and physical distress. They also believe that disturbing natural habitats can have an effect on the animal’s well-being.

“People think if they make a disturbance, the animals will just move away,” said a spokesperson for The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. “But animals live in certain habitats. We might displace them, and they may not necessarily have a place that’s equally good to go to.”

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