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19th Jun 2022

Twitter reacts to Nerf’s new official mascot with horrified fans labelling it ‘terrifying’

Simon Bland


Meet Murph: Nerf mascot and nightmare generator

After years without one, Nerf has officially unveiled its first mascot – and fans are immediately terrified at the company’s brand new human-sized, dart-covered creation.

Launching in 1969, the company – now owned by toy manufacturers Hasbro – has long been happily mascot-less – but not any more. Earlier this week, Nerf unveiled the new face of their soft-play focused organisation – an anthropomorphic creature named Murph that’s covered entirely in the company’s signature colourful darts and wearing only an orange Nerf vest and a pair of orange Nerf slip-ons.

While the company declined to comment on the mascot’s gender, they did state that it uses the they/them pronouns, before stating that they wanted to design an icon that “represents this ageless, unbridled fun that lives in all of us” and create “a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf.”

According to AdWeek, Adam Kleinman, SVP and General Manager of Nerf at parent company Hasbro explained that Murph will soon become part of the company’s new advertising campaign titled “Unleash the Play in You” – so prepare to see more of them soon.

In the meantime however, fans on social media were quick to react to this odd-looking Nerf creature – with many apparently wary of it haunting their dreams forever.

Many were struck by how creepy the character looks, especially for something that’s primarily aimed at kids.

Meanwhile, others on social media made comparisons to Gritty, the equally terrifying, dead-eyed mascot for hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers which did the rounds for similar reasons following its initial debut a few years back.

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