Tupac Shakur rape accuser appears in on-screen interview for the first time 4 years ago

Tupac Shakur rape accuser appears in on-screen interview for the first time

She talked in graphic detail about the alleged assault.

Ayanna Jackson, the woman who accused rapper Tupac Shakur and three of his crew members of rape in 1993, has appeared on camera for the first time to speak out about the incident.


In an interview with DJ Vlad on Tuesday night Jackson sat down for the first time to describe the event that led to Shakur being sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years for first-degree sexual assault, but only serving nine months of jail time before being released.

Shakur and his road manager, Charles Fuller, were acquitted of weapons and sodomy charges.

In the courtroom he apologised to the victim, but went on to say: "I'm not apologising for a crime." He added, "I hope in time you'll come forth and tell the truth."


The former Death Row Records rapper maintained his innocence up until the time of his death in 1996.

Jackson told DJ Vlad that the rape occurred on the night of November 18th, 1993, in the Parker Meridian Hotel New York where the rapper was staying.

She said when she arrived, Shakur and his friends were hanging out in the living room of the suite before he and Jackson left the group and moved into his bedroom.


According to Jackson, whilst in the bedroom and giving him a massage, she was then held by her braids whilst the rest of the rapper's crew entered the room and made remarks about her body.

She alleges Tupac then said: "These are my boys, I like you so much, I decided to share you with them".

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She goes on to say that she struggled to get free and repeatedly told them "no" as the group ripped off her clothes whilst Shakur repeatedly told her to "relax, baby".

Jackson then concludes the emotional interview by stating that she was raped by Tupac and crew-members she knows only as "Haitian Jack" and "Trevor", whilst another, Charles Fuller, watched, and later apologised to the victim.

Jacques "Haitian Jack" Agnant is the same man Shakur alleges set him up in the Quad Studios shooting that took place in 1994 and left him shot five times.