Trainspotting 2 actor Bradley Welsh shot dead in Edinburgh 3 years ago

Trainspotting 2 actor Bradley Welsh shot dead in Edinburgh

Reports say that 42 year old actor Bradley Welsh has died after being shot in his home city of Edinburgh

Bradley Welsh was best known for playing gangland boss Doyle in Trainspotting 2, the 2017 sequel to Danny Boyle's classic British film.


Police were called to Chester Street in the West End of Edinburgh on Wednesday evening, where a man was found with serious injuries. He died at the scene.

"His death is being treated as suspicious and inquiries are continuing," Police Scotland said.

"Officers will continue to provide a high-visibility presence in the area to engage with the public, offer reassurance and gather information that can assist with this investigation.


"Anyone who believes they have any relevant information should contact police immediately."

As well as appearing in Trainspotting 2, Welsh also appeared in episodes of Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men and The Real Football Factories International.

The reformed football hooligan ran a boxing gym in the Holyrood area of Edinburgh.

He was friends with author Irvine Welsh, who wrote the original Trainspotting novel, and it was through that connection that he was introduced to director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge.


“Irvine brought them up and they took part in the event," Bradley Welsh told Edinburgh Evening News in 2018. "I met them the next again morning, showed them around some sights in Edinburgh and Danny Boyle said, ‘I want you to audition’.”

In 2018, he raised£42,500 for charity after spending 24 hours in a boxing ring, engaging in nonstop rounds of pads with 360, breaking the world record.