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21st Apr 2022

Tory MPs call for Boris Johnson’s resignation and say they are working in ‘toxic atmosphere’

Ava Evans

‘It is utterly depressing to be asked to defend the indefensible’

Tory MPs have launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister during a debate on Thursday.

Speaking in the commons, senior Conservative Steve Baker said while he originally felt compelled to forgive Boris Johnson, he now feels the “gig is up” and “the prime minister now should be long gone”.

This latest intervention from Steve Baker means a total of 12 MPs are now calling for the PM to go immediately. A further 6 say they support him going into the next election.

William Wragg said it was “utterly depressing to be asked to defend the indefensible. Each time part of us withers.”

He added that the PM should not be let off the hook, just because of the war in Ukraine: “the invasion of a sovereign nation by a dictatorial aggressor should not be a reason why we should accept lower standards ourselves”.

MPs are currently debating a motion tabled by the Labour party that says the Prime Minister should be investigated by MPs on the privileges committee over Partygate.

Tories will be given a free vote later today – meaning they can vote with “conscience” and not on the party line.

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