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19th Apr 2022

Theresa May tells Priti Patel she cannot support Rwanda deportation scheme

Ava Evans

The former prime minister said there were issues of “legality”

Theresa May has criticised the Home Secretary’s plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda on the grounds of “legality, practicality and efficacy”.

The former Conservative prime minister said the policy could split families and increase the trafficking of women and children.

It comes after the Church of England, Justin Welby, said plans to ship refugees 4,000 miles from where they sought sanctuary did not “stand the judgment of God”.

Speaking during his annual Easter Sunday sermon over the weekend, the Archbishop of Canterbury said Britain was “subcontracting our responsibilities” and the “opposite of the nature of God”.

Priti Patel told the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon that Britain’s “compassion may be infinite but our capacity is not”.

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