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29th Oct 2015

This Scottish man was p*ssed off when he found out what his Burger King burger actually looked like (Pic)

Ben Kenyon

When you see an advert for a juicy new burger on TV you just have to have it.

It’s a vision of perfection – plump buns, a mouthwatering burger and topped with crisp lettuce. Your brain is screaming ‘get this in my gob right now.’

Sheer, unadulterated food porn.

But just like any kind of porn, the reality often doesn’t match up to the dream.

This was presumably what happened when Danny Allan saw Burger King’s new Double Rodeo BBQ.

Just look at it.

A SCOTS couple have released hilariously horrible pictures of how their fast food treat failed to match the glossy publicity shots. Danny and Anja Allan, from Edinburgh, visited the recently-opened Burger King at Fort Kinnaird in the city. Danny's double rodeo burger looked "more like a Jaffa cake" and was barely edible, while Anja left her cheeseburger, which was lost in a giant bun and only slightly bigger than the gherkin. Danny tweeted his displeasure to BK, who have yet to respond.

But when he finally got his hands one (or what we believe is one), it didn’t exactly live up to its billing in the aesthetics department.

Danny, of Edinburgh, was apparently so gutted he just had to tweet Burger King about it.

The burger chain doesn’t appear to have tweeted him back yet.