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01st Jul 2016

This photo of Nigel Farage has gone viral for a hilarious reason

So unfortunate...

Ben Kenyon

It’s just an innocent picture of Nigel Farage on the face of it.

We’ve seen thousands of them of the UKIP leader grinning and waving after the EU Referendum victory for the Leave campaign last Thursday.

But it’s this rather mundane shot of the UKIP MEP that has gone viral…well, in Malaysia anyway.

Malaysians aren’t pissing themselves laughing at Farage though, rather it’s the banner pasted up in the background.

To them it appears to read ‘I’m voting PUKI’ which of course means ‘vagina’ in Malay – well, something far worse actually.

Feel free to stick it into Google Translate and see what comes up.

Obviously some people on Twitter though it was hilarious and rather apt. And it turns out it’s not just rude in Malaysia either…

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