Don't fall for this 'joke' Brexit meme that's gone viral on Facebook 5 years ago

Don't fall for this 'joke' Brexit meme that's gone viral on Facebook

The Brexit debate has become ever more acrimonious in the days leading up to the big EU Referendum vote.

Brexiteers and Remainers have been slinging some serious shit at each other ahead of the vote - calling each other liars and worse.


Even previously firm friends have been falling out on Facebook in their thousands over it.

So a bit of light relief to break the anger and arguments over Brexit would be most welcome.

But this meme perhaps wasn't it...


While most people can see it's a joke - and treat it as such -  there will undoubtedly be some who believe every vaguely-legit looking meme they see on Facebook.

This particular one is given the BBC Breaking News treatment and tells anyone voting 'Leave' to do so on Friday because of the huge numbers expected to flood the polls.


Just to clarify to the EU Referendum will be held on Thursday, June 23. Polling stations will open at 7am and will remain open until 10pm.

Anyone who wanted to cast a vote in the referendum had to officially register before the closing deadline of June 9.

But if you voted in the May local elections then you should already be registered. You should have already received a polling card through the post telling you where your nearest polling station is, but you can find out here.