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11th Apr 2016

This McDonald’s horror story is enough to put you off ordering a milkshake for life

He wasn't loving it...

Jordan Gold

How a midnight trip to McDonalds can supposedly turn into a debauched voyeuristic sex act in the blink of an eye.

When Nashville based writer/director Josh Raby decided to get a 1AM milkshake from his local drive-thru he didn’t expect to find out he wasn’t the only person in town with midnight plans.

His ‘milkshake story’ has since gone viral. Despite currently being just that – an unconfirmed story – it has been picked up and shared across the world. Read it and you’ll see why…


Since the event the so-called McCouple have managed to remain nameless.

Raby has since been interviewed by BuzzFeed news but has refused to share the location of the McDonalds in question. On Twitter, he wrote:

“I ain’t got any problem with weirdo working folks. Let them have their strange love.”

We agree, shame about that milkshake though.

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