The five most popular excuses for cheating are not very imaginative 5 years ago

The five most popular excuses for cheating are not very imaginative

A website that actually facilitates cheating has offered a not-so fascinating insight into the minds of men.

There's a line from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that must have registered with every man when they heard it. Do you remember the scene when Han Solo turns to Finn and says "women always figure out the Truth. Always". He might be scruffy-looking nerf herder but he's 100% right.


Different people have different excuses for cheating on their partner but Illicit Encounters have revealed the most commonly used excuses that unfaithful husbands give their wives.

After surveying 2000 of their readers, hereare most common things men tell their partners if they are planning on meeting somebody else. It's not very imaginative.

5) Shopping for groceries

Anyone ever heard that one before? Maybe some men just take a REALLY long time when they're deciding what to buy?


4) Going to the gym


After reading this, we imagine that some men will be looking like this whenever they say that they're headed to the gym.


3) Going to the pub

This definitely isn't the look that chancers have on their face whenever they're caught out by this lie.

Shaun Drink


2) Business meetings or working late

Putting in the hard hours, eh?

Office Kiss

1)  I'm playing golf


To be fair, Tiger Woods could probably have gotten away with this one.

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