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08th May 2019

Theresa May claims she can make Liverpool-style comeback in Brexit negotiations

The PM claimed that she could pull off a Liverpool-esque comeback in Europe in the most cringeworthy sentence during PMQs since she said 'simples'

Reuben Pinder

Apologies but if we had to listen to this then you do too

Liverpool pulled off a spectacular comeback in the Champions League last night, scoring four goals to edge past Barcelona on a night that will go down in European football history.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the talk of the town. In every office up and down the country, in every pub, cafe, school and university, the words ‘Divock Origi, fucking hell’, will have been uttered as the country tries to process what exactly happened at Anfield.

Discussion of Liverpool’s heroics even made its way into the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions, when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Theresa May could take some advice from Jurgen Klopp on how to get a result in Europe. Ba dum tssh.

Theresa May then quipped back with the most cringeworthy sentence uttered in the Commons since she said ‘simples’, claiming that Liverpool’s win against Barcelona shows that anything is possible.

“When we look at the Liverpool win over Barcelona last night, what it shows is that when everyone says it’s all over, when your European opposition have got you beat, the clock’s ticking down and it’s time to concede defeat, actually we can still secure success if everyone comes together.”

And she is right in a sense: it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings and all that. What the prime minister seems to have missed is that Liverpool’s Champions League success is the result of months of meticulous planning, with an inspiring, tactically astute leader fronting the campaign.

So, sorry Theresa, but I don’t think this metaphor works.