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26th Jun 2021

The video of Hancock kissing aide is somehow worse than the pictures

George McKay

Matt Hancock sipping water at a Covid-19 press briefing

How can you un-see something?

If you thought the pics of Matt Hancock’s alleged affair were bad, wait until you see this.

We’ve all seen the screen shot of Hancock seemingly in a passionate snog with his close aide Gina Coladangelo, and now the great British public is having to suffer the pain of watching the video footage of the moment in question.

The footage was released last night and shows the health secretary closing the door to an office room before Ms Coladangelo is pulled in for a smooch.

Obviously, as is always the case in moments like these, Twitter was absolutely awash with memes and reactions to the video, providing a collective outlet for nation-wide trauma at having to watch the footage.

Here’s the best of Twitter’s reaction:


Matt Hancock