The Pinterview: Climate change, Brexit and other things it's now clear Donald Trump does not understand 2 years ago

The Pinterview: Climate change, Brexit and other things it's now clear Donald Trump does not understand

And it only took him five minutes to say "fake news."

The most overhyped interview of the year so far, making the world's media green, revealed a surprising amount about the American president.

Trump admitted to Piers Morgan that he tweets from bed, does not know who Jeremy Corbyn is or consider himself a feminist.

The President of the United States also condemned the state of Brexit withdrawal talks and indicated his country's current trading arrangement with the EU was not satisfactory.

He said he would be conducting a state visit to the UK this year - complete with a cuppa with the Queen.

When Trump was asked about Jeremy Corbyn he said: "I don't know the man." (Credit: ITV)


Broadcast after the watershed - probably for the best considering Morgan's occasional extreme proximity to Trump's arsehole - one of the #Pinterview's most interesting aspects was how limited the President's vocabulary has now become.

Watch old tape, his conversation is enjoyable verging on eloquent - but with Morgan, not so.

"Tremendous", "big" and "up" all came up, repeatedly.

Donald Trump also expressed doubts over the existence of climate change, as it is understood by the vast majority of scientists.

After proclaiming his belief in “clean air and clean water”, the US President questioned some of the central tenets of climate science.

“There is a cooling, and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place,” he said.

97 per cent of climate scientists accept human-caused global warming.

Piers announced the interview, which was broadcast by ITV in its entirety at 10pm on Sunday, earlier last week from Davos where President Trump was attending the World Economic Forum.

As Trump walked into the room and was reunited with Morgan he declared: "I've missed you."

Morgan closed proceedings by handing Trump an Arsenal shirt, labouring his standard Wenger Out shtick.

Trump quickly tossed the kit to an aide, he said he couldn't be a Gunner. Obviously. One of his friends owns United.