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14th Jul 2018

The Labour Party has its biggest lead over the Tories since last June

Theresa May's approval ratings have also taken a nosedive

Reuben Pinder

They currently poll at 40%

The Labour Party has opened its biggest lead over the Conservatives since just after the General Election which took place in June 2017.

According to the latest Opinium poll, Labour have a four point lead over the Tories, who are currently polling on 36%.

The sudden drop in support for the Tories coincides with a spike in support for UKIP. The cause of this change is understood to be widespread discontent with the way the Tories are handling Brexit negotiations.

Previously Consverative Leave voters appear to have defected to UKIP, whose polling statistics have shot up from 3% to 8%.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s approval ratings have also taken a hit. Her net approval rating has plummeted from -8% to -24%, while Jeremy Corbyn’s net approval rating remains at a stable yet poor -13%.

These results follow significant resignations in the Tory cabinet, as David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned from their posts as Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary respectively.

The pair were replaced by Jeremy Hunt in the Foreign Office and Dominic Raab, who replaces David Davis as Brexit Secretary.

Jeremy Wright stepped in as Health Secretary, replacing Jeremy Hunt.

May’s approval rating on her handling of Brexit is at an all time low, while the percentage of people who believe that Brexit is one of the most important issues to ever face the country has shot up from 42% to 51%.