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07th Jan 2016

The jackpot for Saturday’s multi-million Lotto draw just got silly…and it MUST be won

Somebody win it for f**k's sake!

Ben Kenyon

If you thought Wednesday’s £50.4million National Lottery draw was ridiculous, then you might want to take a seat.

The jackpot has just got even f**king bigger. Despite every man and his dog in the country going out and buying as many Lotto tickets as their threadbare January budgets would allow, still nobody won the bloody thing.

Nobody’s dropped the motherlode since last November which means it’s a 14th rollover for Saturday’s Lotto draw which is going to be another record-breaker.

The jackpot stands at an obscene £60m – which dwarfs the previous record of £42m which was shared out between three winners in 1996.

Bit that whopping pot of gold has to be won this weekend under new National Lottery rules.

If nobody gets all six numbers, then it will have to be shared out between the next in line.

“We now have a record breaking Lotto Jackpot up for grabs and it has to be won this weekend no matter what,” a National Lottery spokesman said.

Tickets for Wednesday were selling at more than 200 a second and the National Lottery website was crashed by people scrabbling to buy their last minute tickets.

So imagine what it’s going to be like at 7:25pm on Saturday night. Better get checking for change down the backs of your sofas, gents.