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17th Nov 2015

The internet is very angry at the new Snapchat update

Ben Kenyon

Snapchat. Everybody loves it.

Even Facebook are trying to emulate the success of the £20bn-rated social media firm by trialling their own version of disappearing messages.

Every time a new update drops on Snapchat the internet loses its collective mind. Now another change has come along and everyone is going wild…but not for the right reason.

New paid-for lenses have been introduced on the app and people are really not happy about having to fork out 79p to add a daft effect to their photos. Snapchat are releasing new lenses every day but are retaining some free ones.

This is what your money gets you…

Angry users took to Twitter to vent their ire

…and bizarrely the official Snapchat started retweeting some of them…

Snap4 Snap2 Snap1

But then people loved them for it…