The Crown star Emma Corrin recalls buying first binder after coming out as non binary 11 months ago

The Crown star Emma Corrin recalls buying first binder after coming out as non binary

Emma Corrin goes by She/They now

Emma Corrin, who fans might better know as portraying Diana on The Crown, has changed her pronouns on Instagram to She/They, meaning she is happy to be called by either. Alongside the change in pronouns, Corrin uploaded a series of photographs.


Emma Corrin's depiction of Lady Diana had fans gripped from the moment she appeared on the screen. Her raw and visceral portrayal of the people's princess has earned her enormous accolades in the industry. Corrin wrote the following alongside stunningly beautiful black and white photos:


"some time before I bought my first binder, messing around with
@sirdavidsimon, we used boxing wrap, thanks for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new, very cool. It’s all a journey right. Lots of twists and turns and change and that’s ok! Embrace it."

What are pronouns?

Pronouns can be a little difficult, especially if you are not used to thinking about them. From birth, we are conditioned to refer to someone based on how they present, but in 2021, that can be difficult to access. Sex is biological; it is the cells that make up each of our bodies. Gender, however, is sociological, which means it is comprised of characteristics and constructions we have humans have put in place.

For some individuals, their sex is not truly how they feel, hence why their gender expression varies from their biological sex. For instance, a biological man wearing a dress is playing with gender, not sex.


However, I understand some people who tend to comment hateful bigotry might have trouble understanding, so here's a video!

But what is a binder?

A binder is typically used by those with alternative gender expressions or for people transitioning from female to male. Through heavy fabrics, the binder is able to push breasts down, giving off the appearance of a more masculine chest. Though there are now options to have binders fitted as part of underwear, people often opt for a traditional wrapping approach.


Beneath Corrin's tremendously brave image are a flurry of positive comments. Music icon Poloma Faith writes "Beautiful pictures xx" while the Digital Director for Chaos SixtyNine simple posts heart emojis.

Back in April, Corrin posted an image of herself in a bridal gown alongside the text "Your fav queer bride."