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14th Apr 2021

Tesco customer orders apples and gets sent a brand new Apple iPhone instead

Charlie Herbert

He was told there was “a surprise” on his click and collect order

A Tesco shopper was left stunned after the supermarket substituted a bag of apples on his order with a brand new iPhone.

Nick James, 50, was collecting his shop from his local store in Twickenham when staff told him that there was a “surprise” in his bag. Much to his surprise, James found a free iPhone SE in his order.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a little bit shocked to say the least.”

It was no mistake by the supermarket either. Tesco Mobile are currently giving away free Apple iPhones, AirPods and Samsung devices as part of its ‘super substitutes’ promotion this week. Some of the other potential substitutes customers could receive are a Samsung Galaxy S21 in place of Galaxy chocolate, an iPhone 12 Mini instead of Mini Cheddars, and a Motorola E7 as a sub for bread rolls.

Nick tweeted his thanks to Tesco, saying that it had “made my son’s week.”

The giveaway sees Tesco click and collect chosen at random to receive a top tech item in their order. The supermarket chain is giving away a total of 80 items until 18 April from a select few of its stores.

In a statement Tesco Mobile said: “From today until 18 April, Tesco Mobile is raiding the nation’s shopping bags to make unbelievable substitutes in lucky Click+Collect orders.

“Tesco Mobile’s ‘Super Subs’ has been created to show how amazing things can happen when the worlds of supermarket and mobile come together – all while putting a smile on shopper’s faces.”