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06th Apr 2022

Teacher fired for using ‘dog whistle’ noises to discipline students

Kieran Galpin

She could face criminal charges

A teacher used a high-pitched “dog whistle” video that can only be heard by young ears to discipline her students in an incident one student claimed, “was torture”.

The unnamed teacher from Leland Edge Middle School in Texas was fired on Tuesday after allegedly playing a “dog whistle” video on YouTube in March.

One of her middle school students reported the incident, reports NBC.

The Community Independent School District (ISD) stated that the “district police are conducting an investigation into the alleged incident.”

“She put on the ringing noise everyone was covering their ears,” said student Zoey Lohrs, whose ears are particularly sensitive.

“One of them walked out of the classroom, one of them was yelling that it was torture and one was trying to unplug the computer.”

Zoey’s mother Janice told NBC5 she “would understand” if the noise was employed for a “split second.” However, it’s understood that the teacher played the shrill tone for over 40 minutes.


“Not when kids are begging you to stop,” Janice added. The mother told the news outlet that her daughter’s sensitivity was documented at the school and the teacher knew of the issue.

“I would really like her held accountable for her actions, this is not OK,” she said. “You have my kid for eight hours a day. It’s supposed to be a safe place.”

ISD confirmed it was “possible” that the teacher could face criminal charges. However, “While CISD wants to be as open and honest as possible, we cannot comment further on this matter until the ongoing investigation has been concluded.”

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