Taliban accused of killing a pregnant police officer 9 months ago

Taliban accused of killing a pregnant police officer

Banu Negar was reportedly shot and killed in front of her relatives

Taliban soldiers have shot and killed a pregnant police officer in Afghanistan, according to reports. She was already eight months pregnant.


The woman, identified by local media as Banu Negar, was apparently killed at home in Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor province. The murder was also said to have taken place in front of her family.

The Taliban are currently denying any involvement in the killing and told the BBC they are now investigating her death. One of the group's spokesmen, Zabiullah Mujaheed said: "We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing."

The Negar family say Banu, who worked at the local prison, was killed after three gunmen arrived at the house on Saturday, going on to search the premises and tying up other family members. Images of the crime scene taken by the relatives have been spotted on social media.

The welfare of women in Afghanistan has been widely discussed, as there have already been reports of women being killed for not wearing burqas, Taliban forces going door-to-door cracking down on known female rights activists, and even a woman being set on fire for 'bad cooking'.

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