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29th Apr 2018

Surprise snow forecast for UK following heavy downpours and flood warning

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning

Oli Dugmore

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning

The Met Office has warned there is a chance of nationwide “air and ground frost” with a significant drop in temperatures bringing the possibility of “snow” on some high ground.

Heavy rain is likely to affect much of eastern, southeastern and central England on Sunday night and Monday along with strong winds.

Flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and road closures, there is a slight chance of delays and cancellations to trian and bus services.

Yellow warnings declaring “homes and businesses could be flooded” are in place in the South East from 9pm on Sunday and continue through to Monday.

Alex Deakin, Met Office Meteorologist, said: “Through the night clearer skies further north means it will be a chilly night, four or five in towns and cities but in some rural spots it will be close to freezing, particularly in the Highlands of Scotland.

“Warmer night in the south, predominantly because of the cloud and rain. A grey day on Saturday across the bulk of England and Wales.

“The rain will not be as heavy as Friday but will still be damp and drizzly across central England.

“Where it stays dull and drab we are looking at highs of eight or nine degrees.”

The Met Office chief forecaster said late April snow is likely although it is unlikely to settle because of heavy rain: “Heavy rain is likely to reach southeast England and parts of East Anglia later on Sunday then spread further north and west overnight, probably reaching much of eastern, central and southern England by Monday morning.

“The rain is expected to last for much of Monday. Although it is unclear how far west the heaviest rain will extend, accumulations of 25-40 mm could occur quite widely with perhaps 50-70 mm in places during this period.

“The heavy rain will be accompanied by strong to gale force northerly winds and it may be cold enough to produce some snow on high ground although this seems unlikely to settle.”

BBC weather forecaster Matt Taylor also said it will be “disappointingly cool” for late April and the miserable weather is set to deteriorate into Monday.

The BBC forecaster said: “It is going to be a pretty cold, wet and windy day. Heavy rain which could lead to some wider flooding.

“We have got strong to gale force, if not severe gale force winds for some, especially around the coast.

“Whipping up some rough North Sea and that rain will be thereabouts all day long, even turning to sleet and snow mixed in over the very tops of the hills in the south.”