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15th Apr 2015

‘Success Kid’ meme boy needs help to save his dad’s life

If anyone can help, it's the Internet...

Ben Kenyon

We all know the brilliant ‘Success Kid’ meme.

That triumphant, fist-clenching tot that brought us classics like “Farted on the bus… everyone is wearing headphones.”

But now the nipper has grown up a little and he needs help finding his dad a life-saving kidney.

Little Sam Grimer is now eight years old and the legendary kid is trying to raise $50,000 for his father Justin.

A photo posted by Laney Griner (@laneymg) on

The 39-year-old has been on dialysis since 2009 and now needs a transplant to save him.

The Internet made Sam known to millions and now Sam is hoping the Internet will work its magic to help his old man.

Everyone at JOE is rooting for you, mate.

(H/T Know Your Meme)