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04th Mar 2022

Stalker ‘lived in attic and came out at night to film OnlyFans model’

Kieran Galpin

Somersworth Police Department

He also planned to install a tracking device on her car

In a truly terrifying ordeal, a stalker hid the attic of a woman until nightfall, when he would then sneak around and film her sleeping.

Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, 20, had become enthralled with a woman only referred to as NR, watching her obsessively on OnlyFans. Guerrero allegedly obtained NR’s keys, where he copied them to access her property in New Hampshire.

Guerrero would hide in the woman’s attic until she fell asleep, at which point he would creep downstairs and film her while she slept. NR only realised something was awry when her mother questioned noises in the attic.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, Guerrero had entered NR’s home at least four times. During questioning, the man attempted to cover up his deeds by stating he was merely collecting gifts that he had given to NR. He later admitted to New England police that he intended to install a tracking device on her car.

Somersworth Police Department

Guerrero was caught after he attempted to climb out of the woman’s attic window on February 9. Police later discovered a series of disturbing clips on Guerrero’s phone that showed NR sleeping naked.

Shockingly, “He was released with pretty strict bail conditions,” Deputy Strafford County Attorney Emily Garod told WMUR. “But it is an ongoing concern of ours, the safety of the victim during the pendency of this case, so that is why we asked for him to be held pending trial.”

He also claimed that NR “wanted a man to be obsessed with her and stalk her.”

Guerrero has been charged with four felony counts of burglary and, upon his release, has been forced to wear a tracking bracelet to prevent him from breaking the restraining order.

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