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11th Oct 2023

Sports presenter Steve Rider reveals cancer diagnosis live on air

Callum Boyle

Steve Rider

Rider appeared on BBC Breakfast when he confirmed the news

Sports presenter Steve Rider has urged other men to get checked after he revealed he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Rider was a guest on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday morning when he confirmed that he had received the diagnosis last month.

The 73-year-old, who has presented the BBC’s Grandstand and Sportsnight, will have an operation this weekend.

He added that his doctors told him that it was an “opportunity to have significant surgery and cure the whole thing”.

“I’m a total convert to getting yourself checked early and getting the diagnosis done early and getting remedial measures in place as soon as possible,” he explained.

“I’m living proof of that and very grateful to be operated on on Saturday.”

Rider said he decided to get checked after a friend of his was also diagnosed with prostate cancer following a medical check up. He also praised fellow broadcaster Nick Owen for raising awareness after he revealed his own diagnosis back in August.

Despite the diagnosis, Rider admitted that  he felt “fine” and had “no symptoms” before or after his diagnosis.

Additionally, he encouraged anyone with “any doubts” to “get yourself tested” because “it can save your life”.

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