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28th Nov 2023

Spider lays eggs in man’s toe during cruise

Nina McLaughlin

In horrifying news, a spider has laid eggs in a man’s toe

The creepy tale comes from a cruise off the coast of France, where Colin Blake was celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary per the BBC.

When Blake woke up the next day to see that his toe had turned purple, he grew concerned and took a trip to the cruise’s resident doctor.

The medic discovered that Blake had been bitten by a Peruvian wolf spider, who had then gone on to lay eggs inside his toe.

Blake, who hails from Cramlington in Northumberland, was treated with antibiotics in order to battle any toxins. The “foreign body” was then removed from his toe.

If you are squemish, you may want to stop here as the next sentence is about to get gross with the description of what came out of Blake’s foot.

When the medical staff cut into his toe to deal with the “foreign body”, they found a milk-like pus coming out. This pus is also described as having looked like it contained tea leaves, which in reality were the spider’s eggs.

Four weeks after the ordeal, things got worse once again for Blake.

“One of the spider eggs hadn’t been flushed and must have hatched,” he explained.

“They believe the spider was making its way out – eating its way out of my toe.”

Antibiotics killed the spider, and then doctors once again cut into his foot to remove the body.

“I did ask if I could keep it but they said no,” Blake jested.