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21st Jun 2018

30C Spanish heatwave bound for the UK this weekend

Come thru Dia del Fuego mk. II

Oli Dugmore

Come thru Dia del Fuego mk. II

A heatwave from Spain and Portugal bound for the UK is forecast to last until the end of the month.

The two week weather system will push temperatures as high as 30C.

BBC Weather forecaster Ben Rich said temperatures will drop on Friday morning just before a heatwave reaches the country.

He said: “A lovely evening to enjoy the sunset, 9.20pm in London, half past ten across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“Once the sun does go down, those temperatures will dip, you can see these green shades spreading across our temperature charts.

“Towns and cities down to single digits, some spots in the countryside getting down to 3C or 4C.

“So quite a cool start tomorrow morning but a bright start.

“It is going to be a beautiful day for most of us. If anything, more sunshine than we’ve had today.

“Always a bit more cloudy across Northern Ireland and Scotland and maybe the odd spots of rain.

“Still breezy here but not as windy elsewhere and those temperatures nudging up by a degree or so.

“Temperatures continue to climb through the weekend and into next week.

“Some spots could hit 30C.”