Snow forecast for UK on Easter Monday as temperatures plummet 6 months ago

Snow forecast for UK on Easter Monday as temperatures plummet

Despite the recent warm temperatures, the the UK is set for another wintry blast with snow forecast for some areas

Remember that time a few days ago when it seemed like summer was just around the corner? Record March temperatures of 24C?


Good times, but maybe don't go digging the barbecue and paddling pool out of the back of the shed just yet... Temperatures are set to nosedive in the next couple of days, as Britain gears up for another - and hopefully a final  - wintry blast.

Monday could see temperatures dip as low as 8C in London, 7C in Manchester and even 5C in Leeds - well below the balmy temperatures most of us experienced last week.

As reported by The Guardian, snow could also fall in some parts of the country.

While northern Scotland could see up to 15cm of snow fall on higher ground on Easter Monday, the Met Office has warned even southern England could see snowfall - although it is unlikely to settle.

"After a taste of summer for a lot of the UK, we will see things turn much colder as we go through the second half of the Easter weekend," the Met Office's Craig Snell said.

"A lot of the UK will be prone to seeing some wintry showers as we go through the course of Monday but northern Scotland is where we’ll see the heaviest and most frequent snow. That’s where there’s most concern that we might see some disruption.


"Nowhere is going to be immune from potentially seeing some snow showers on Monday, even down towards the south-west of England."

The Met Office's yellow warnings will be in place from 6pm on Sunday until midnight on Monday.