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25th Oct 2023

Shopper furious after self-checkout machine asks for 20 per cent tip

‘Who are you tipping exactly?’

Self-checkout machines have arguably been the most significant change to shops and supermarkets in the last decade or so, and it’s rare you go into any store now without seeing them.

Although they have their glitches (why can you not detect that I’ve placed the item in the bagging area??), on the whole they’ve helped make shopping quicker and more convenient for many of us.

But it seems like some of them might be getting ideas above their station.

This is after one shopper was left speechless when the self-checkout machine asked them for a huge 20 per cent tip when they made a purchase.

Taking to the Mildly Infuriating thread on Reddit, user BurningRiceHouse vented their anger after using the airport checkout.

They shared a picture of the machine giving four tipping options, of no tip, 15 per cent, 18 per cent, and 20 per cent, alongside the caption: “It finally happened. I was prompted to tip at the airport self-checkout station.”

it finally happened. i was prompted to tip at the airport self-checkout station.
byu/BurningRiceHouse inmildlyinfuriating

Fellow Reddit users reacted with fury at the tip requestm, with one writing: “They should offer a discount for self-service or lack of service.”

Another said: “But who are you tipping exactly? Nobody has provided a service to you.”

A third added: “How bizarre. What does the tip go to? The airport? The guy who set up the computer? Makes no sense.”

And someone else raged: “I can’t believe this is a real thing. I’ve heard of it before. The Kroger I go to might have one lane open with a cashier and one self-checkout station after 6pm but mostly it’s just one self-checkout station now.

“So there’s a line going to the back of the store and people with shopping carts full of groceries are using it when I have three items. This is giving the store money for saving money by cutting back on employees.”

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