Salon owner fined £27,000 for repeatedly refusing to close shop during lockdown 3 months ago

Salon owner fined £27,000 for repeatedly refusing to close shop during lockdown

Sinead Quinn posted a sign citing Magna Carta as saying she can continue opening her salon

A salon owner in Oakenshaw, near Bradford, is facing fines of £27,000 after refusing to close during lockdown.

Sinead Quinn placed a sign in the window of The Quinn Blakey hairdressing salon, citing Magna Carta as allowing her to continue opening the shop.

The salon was fined £4,000 for opening during lockdown on Saturday, November 21st, but was found to still be open after being visited by police on Tuesday, November 24th, and received a further £10,000 fine.

A second £10,000 fine was then issued on Wednesday, November 25th.

Kirklees Council spokesman told Yorkshire Live: "The business was open and trading again so they have been issued with a further £10,000 fine which means the total is now £27,000."

"We completely understand how tough it has been, and continues to be, for local businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic"

"We will do all we can to support them through what has been a devastating period, but it is absolutely crucial for people’s safety that we all follow the latest COVID-19 rules and guidance. Kirklees currently has the fifth-highest rates in the country, with 135 people admitted to hospital last week and 25 sadly losing their lives to a COVID-19 related death."

"The law set by the Government is there so we can bring infection rates down, ease pressure on our health services and save lives. But it only works if we all stick to it and realise that no one is above the law. Frankly, the actions taken by this business are selfish and irresponsible."

In an Instagram video posted on November 11th, she is seen telling a council official: "I’m not breaking any laws. I’m standing under common laws."

Then in another video posted this weekend, she tells another official: "I don’t consent to any fines, so it will just be returned to sender."

Quinn has also posted images of a police car outside the salon.