Former chancellor Sajid Javid returns to JP Morgan as senior advisor 1 year ago

Former chancellor Sajid Javid returns to JP Morgan as senior advisor

In a totally normal move, he will remain as an MP

Former chancellor Sajid Javid has returned to his former employer, the bank JP Morgan, as a senior advisor.


Javid, who resigned in February of this year after refusing to sack his aides following a Cabinet reshuffle, will remain as the MP for Bromsgrove alongside his new role.

He will join the bank's advisory council for Europe, the Middle East and Africa in what is a continuation of an 18-year banking career, which ended when he pursued a career in politics in 2009.

Javid began his banking career with Chase Manhattan - which later merged with his current employers - after graduating from university, and become a vice president by the age of 25. At the time of his retirement from banking, he was working for Deutsche Bank and reportedly earning £3 million.


JP Morgan have not commented on what Javid's salary will be but, according to the Guardian, it is expected to be similar to the £2 million earned by Tony Blair during his time as an advisor at the American bank.

According to the FT, his role will be "strictly ringfenced" from his political duties, which will be a relief for all of us.

Nonetheless, his appointment has led to criticism of the government and question marks over how, exactly, an MP being paid millions by a bank can claim to be representing his constituents.