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12th Jan 2024

Runner spots terrifying ‘ghost’ in image of her running in forest

Joseph Loftus

Nope nope nope nope nope

A woman who took part in a 100-mile run through the Hawaiian rainforest was left absolutely freaked out when she looked back over some pictures of her during the event.

Kay Borleis was taking part in the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run on the Honolulu Makuka trails back in January 2019 when she unknowingly had a terrifying encounter.

The race sees participants run a 20-mile loop through the dense rainforest five times.

Borleis was running with her friend Cassie who was jogging behind her as her pacer.

Cassie also decided to take some pictures of Borleis as she was running so that they could remember the feat for years to come.

However in one of the photos, the two girls noticed something was wrong, when they clocked a figure they were both certain wasn’t there when they were running through the greenery.

Taking to Reddit, Borleis said: “My pacer took this photo. Notice the figure in the frame to the left of my head. We never saw anyone passing us and there were no statues along the trail.

“It is NOT photoshopped or made. This is legit.”

After noticing the terrifying figure in the image, Borleis and her friend did some research into the local area where they made even more unsettling discoveries.

Borleis explained: “According to legend, there are ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that roam the island and they’re called Night Marchers.

“They are, ‘murderous shades, demons, revenants that haunt the island. They are the rabid galvanized specters of ancient Hawaiian fighters, heroes, and warriors’.

“Upon further research, we found out that, ‘ancient Hawaiian tenets assert that any mortal gazing upon or being viewed in defiance to the marchers will die horribly and violently. Some people declare that if the mortal lies still, down on the ground, prostrated to the marchers they are giving proper respect, fear, and reverence to the Night Marchers; and they will be forgiven and spared.’”

“Luckily, we did not see the supposed Night Marcher.”