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14th Apr 2015

Raheem Sterling snapped ‘inhaling hippy crack’ from a balloon

No laughing (gas) matter...

Ben Kenyon

Another day, another controversy for Liverpool star Raheem Sterling met with tedious outrage in the papers.

Just days after it emerged he had been puffing a shisha pipe, Sterling was snapped supposedly inhaling something with much more front-page headline potential: ‘Hippy crack’ (or ‘laughing gas’ as it’s known on the streets).

The Sun have plastered him across the front page with the headline ‘Balloony’ (balloon/loony – geddit?) and pictures him apparently sucking in nitrous oxide gas from a balloon.

The paper claimed the 20-year-old England star passed out from the hit – just days before a game.

We’re sure Brendan Rodgers will be feeling quite like that balloon – deflated and let down.