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04th Nov 2020

Supporter of deranged QAnon conspiracy elected to US Congress

QAnon is headed to Capitol Hill

A supporter of the deranged and unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory has been elected to the US Congress after winning a US House seat in Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the first open supporter of QAnon to be elected to Congress, and had a clear path to victory after her opponent left the race for personal reasons.

The crux of the belief behind QAnon is that president Donald Trump is waging a secretive war behind the scenes against a cabal of elites across politics and entertainment who engage in paedophilia and child sex trafficking.

Taylor Greene has been open in her support of the theory – which the FBI last year warned was a potential inspiration for domestic terrorism in the United States – and she has previously faced condemnation from high-ranking Republicans for racist and Islamaphobic comments.

Despite being mainly based online, the conspiracy theory has begun to morph and resulted in real-life physical consequences. Last year, a man in his 20s shot an alleged mob boss dead, believing he was under the influence of what supporters of the theory call the “deep state”.