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30th May 2022

Pubs planning on selling 6p Jubilee pints have changed their minds – and are now giving them out for free

Kieran Galpin

Thanks Lizzie!

The UK pub chain that originally intended to sell pints for 6p over the Jubilee has now announced that they will be free.

To celebrate our monarch’s 70-year reign, Greene King pubs announced they would be celebrating the only way Brits know how- with booze of course.

Truly, they are doing God’s work.

The general idea was to sell pints at the price they would’ve been during the Queen’s coronation back in 1953, and punters would recite “1952”, the original coronation date, as the secret passcode.

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But after reviewing the plans more closely, Green King realised that licensing laws could throw a spanner in the works. But don’t worry, they are free now. The offer is for today only, and each customer gets one free pint.

“One of the ideas we had was for a promotion in 400 of our managed pubs where customers could buy one pint each of Greene King IPA for 6p today [Monday 30 May] – the same price it was in 1952,” a Greene King spokesperson said. “We thought this was a great way to celebrate this remarkable occasion, and we’ve been thrilled at the response from customers.”

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They added: “However, we have some good news for everyone, which is that we will now be giving the Jubilee first pint of Greene King IPA away free of charge today, as we now understand it’s not permissible under the licensing act to charge the 6p.”

The code work of “1952” is still needed, so make sure to write it down if you think alcohol intake may disrupt your memory.

If you are looking for the nearest establishment to toast to Queenie, then click this link.

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