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24th May 2021

Priti Patel announces ‘wholesale’ reform of UK immigration system

Claudia McInerney

“The government is taking back control of immigration,” says Priti Patel

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced a “wholesale reform” of the UK’s immigration system, which she claimed was “out-of-date” and “broken.”

She confirmed that the government will bring forward legislation announced in the Queen’s speech to put the new plan for immigration into effect.

In her keynote speech for an event held by the Conservative think tank ‘Bright Blue’, Patel confirmed the government’s plans for a “new fully digital border” system that will require overseas visitors to Britain to complete additional forms.

The Home Secretary added that the government will this year end the use of “insecure ID cards” for people to enter the country.

She claimed that new ‘Electronic Travel Authorisation’ will make the border a lot more secure by automatically checking for criminals from overseas.

The Home Secretary said: “Our new plan will make it easier to identify potential threats before they reach the before they reach the border.”

After announcing the government’s new border security plan, Patel said: “Security is at the heart of our new plan for immigration.”

The Home Secretary claimed that the UK government was “listening to the British people” and promised to “deliver for them.”

In her keynote speech, Patel also said that the EU Settlement Scheme has been a “success” for the UK government and urged EU citizens to apply before the deadline next month.

The Home Secretary also reiterated plans to deny refugee status to asylum seekers from overseas who have passed through safe countries before arriving in the UK.

However, the government’s proposal was largely condemned by the United Nations Refugee Agency, as well as several other charities, who claim that the plans breach the UK’s commitments in the past.

The organisation urges countries around the globe to ‘stand up’ for refugees’ rights.