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19th Aug 2023

Prince William apologises for not attending World Cup Final

Joseph Loftus

It’s a huge day for the Lionesses

Tomorrow is the biggest day in the footballing calendar for English women, and it’s the first time England have made it to a World Cup Final in almost sixty-years.

The last time, of course, was when Bobby Moore’s men won the Jules Rimet back in 1966.

Despite the Lionesses’ hitting this huge milestone, cementing all of their legacies as footballing greats of England, Prince William will not be in attendance.

In the past few moments, Prince William has issued an apology for not attending the huge occasion.

The Prince of Wales, who is also the president of the FA, has faced major backlash over his decision not to attend the World Cup Final.

Now, in a video message, Prince William says: “Lionesses, I want to send you a huge good luck for tomorrow. We’re sorry we can’t be there in person but we’re so proud of everything you have achieved and the millions you’ve inspired here and around the world. So go out there tomorrow and really enjoy yourselves.”

Charlotte, who is holding a football then says: “Good luck Lionesses.”

One person wrote: “I can’t help but feel that if the England men’s football team reached the World Cup final, Rishi Sunak and Prince William would have dropped everything to fly out to Sydney.”

Another commented: “Sorry, let me see if I understand this: England is in its first World Cup Final in nearly six decades, and neither King Charles nor Prince William nor any member of the British Royal Family nor Prime Minister Sunak are attending, and we’re supposed to believe this isn’t sexism?”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has also faced criticism for not attending the Women’s World Cup Final with many claiming that they’d all be there if it was the mens team.