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21st Apr 2022

Pints are about to get even more expensive due to increasing production costs

April Curtin

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Some of the country’s most popular beers are about to get even pricier

The price of a pint is set to rise again in what can only be described as a devastating moment for boozy Brits.

Popular brewer Heineken has warned drinkers they will soon have to pay more for a beer as a result of different economic challenges. The brewer, which is the world’s second largest, also makes Birra Moretti, Amstel and Desperados, amongst other popular beverages.

Heineken had a much more solid star to the year than expected, with its net revenues surging by 25 per cent to £4.7bn in the three months to March. The end of covid restrictions helped with this massively and it was also boosted by higher pricing.

However earlier this year, Heineken said costs had soared as a result of commodity inflation and rising supply chain costs. The war in Ukraine has also caused obstacles for brewers, as it has seen grain costs increase.

Dolf van den Brink, Heineken’s chairman, said the team also see “more macro-economic uncertainty” and expect “significant headwinds” later this year.

He added: “We will take additional actions including pricing to manage these challenges whilst we continue to invest in superior, balanced growth and sustainable value creation.”

So, basically, we’re all going to get charged more for a pint. Brilliant.

It comes weeks after Marston’s Brewery, one of Britain’s biggest pub chains, revealed it is set to hike up the price of its pints by 45p because of soaring energy bills and “spiralling costs” for pub landlords. Down South, a pub in Heathrow Airport is charging £8.30 for a pint, MyLondon reports.

Forget beer garden boozing this summer. We’ll see you in the park for some cans if this cost of living carries on…

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